This virtual reality training project is running on the Oculus Quest.

Hand tracking VR
Realistic grab

It has been designed to give the most intuitive experience to the trainee:

  • Collison simulation with the environment
  • Hands tracking, realistic grab of objects
  • Realistic environment and effects that reinforce presence in virtual reality

The trainer can see and interact anytime in realtime in the scene using a PC:

  • See global point of view and see through the trainee’s eyes
  • Create incidents on the fly e.g: gas leak
  • Highlight objects and actions, to help the trainee
  • Caméra libre pour observer la scène, changement de points de vue
  • Informations augmentées : localisation des fuites, invisible au stagiaire
  • Possibilité d’attirer l’attention du stagiaire sur des objets et actions à faire
  • Possibilité de créer des incidents en temps réel
VR training trainer view
Trainer view
Training session

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