Fake it to make it

Train your AI better and faster with virtual worlds and synthetic data set


Creating a dataset is an hard job

  • Painful and long
  • Once done, hard to change
  • Some situation are too complex to create with realworld data
  • GDPR rules can create hard constraints

We create virtual scenes and generate complete labeled datasets for you deep learning network

Thanks to our in house pipeline:

  • Reduce time and cost
  • Create more accurate computer vision
  • Manage complex situations
Create labels on the 3D model

Deep learning made with ” the metaverse”

  • Import your model
  • Create label
  • Select view angle, lighting, background, noise, … 
  • Generate dataset in your preferred format, ready to use
  • If needed, tweak the scene and regenerate

Using synthetic dataset improve your computer vision performance

Select view angles
Labeled images with different backgrounds

We also train deep learning networks and build app from A to Z


Motion capture for synthetic dataset
Synthetic data based trained model used on a public video from SNCF

Obects and human centric situations

Do you want to enrich or change the dataset? You’re not stuck

No problem, just ask and we’ll generate a new one in a snap

ML model detecting people dropping things - on the left

You need a complete computer vision and deep learning application? 

We provide full development service. We have a track records in quality control, security, R&D or next gen augmented reality application.

If you  have data labeling projects or any questions

Contact us for more information!