VR Distrib is a Unity library created by the CRVM (centre de réalité virtuelle de méditerranée) that allows to easily deploy any Unity application into immersive rooms whatever the configuration is.


Leap motion Key Benefits

  • Use Unity as editor tool, do not change your working tool
  • Deploy in a snap & turn your existing application into a VR collaborative and social experience
  • Reduce try and fail with: easy testing and simulation tool
  • Affordable


Windows Mixed Reality Key features

  • VRPN library to add any VR devices
  • Multi screen synchronisation
  • Clustering
  • Real-time Image warping depending on room configuration and viewpoint
  • XML based configuration, no need to recompile
  • ART tracking Simulator
  • Log server

Google VR Requirements

PC, Windows

ARKit Service

We also provide services for deployment or solution customization.

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VR Distrib is a collaboration :