We are exploring new topics and devices: as Oculus Rift, leap motion, path finding…


Try this multisupport  (Facebook/Android/iOS) Sodastream application that lets you experience the new Sodastream flavors. Select a flavor/fruit and see it on your face with augmented reality and face tracking. Invite friends on Facebook in your own Sodastream gallery.



Black Dandy imagined this shoe concept: based on an original design, an online 3D configuration tool (created by Octarina) allows to create a shoe that will be partially 3D printed and, of course, handmade polished. The project is using WebGL technology and is listed in this article.




Metrolab is an application that helps understanding what the future of Metro will be. The user can simulate crowd in real time and see what metro passenger car (number of doors) will work best. The application uses Legion algorithm. The users can also see animation subway platform mounting with turn around camera and exploded views. This application was designed for the Metrolab consortium – including RATP and ALSTOM.




EAST is an ongoing e-education project involving a lot a partners, researchers, schools, technology providers. It’s about wind turbine: the first experience is an open world sandbox allowing students to experience the wind turbine mecanism by tweaking all the parameters in real time: wind strength, wind turbine direction, blade orientation. Eventually, the users can see all components and associated metrics in a see through mode.




MSE is a serious game for training people to HR interviews. This is a character and dialog based game, with a back office allowing dialogs and scenario edition. This game has been developed with Dassault Systèmes.


Virtual Store

The aim of this project is to have real time connections between a real store and virtual 3D mockup. Thanks to the smart SES electronic shelf labels, products are geolocalized  and displayed  manipulated in a virtual store. This project has been made in collaboration with SES and ATOS.


Apache II

The Apache II is one of the newest and most advanced pipelay vessels operating in the offshore industry. We worked with Technip to develop this interactive virtual version from 3D CAD files. Beyond interactive virtual visit, the user can use a map to navigate to different points of interest – activating real 360° pictures and various multimedia contents. This application is deployed on Ultra HD environments, mobile devices and ready for VR Headsets like the Oculus Rift. This vessel will also be used for virtual training.


Tooth configurator

This application – available on internet and mobile platform – lets dentists access to their clients 3Dfiles and easily position teeth and jaws. Once this task is completed, the file is 3D printed an used by dental  laboratories.


IF WE Challenge

The IF WE challenge is a social conversation (Dassault Systèmes) contest to stimulate the most innovative world-changing dreams. Participation is very simple: think of how you’d like to change the world and write it down in the form of a short sentence starting with the words « #IFWE ». We created an online 3D interactive application where every ‘dream’ colors a face of a sphere in real time. Users can manipulate the sphere, display filters, and see every ‘dream’ and related ones.


Yellow Dog

Yellow Dog is an application made for Dassault Systèmes using Kinect and Leap Motion. The aim is to manage the launch of a Drone on an aircraft-carrier.  The user do the semaphor, reproducing gestures in front of the Kinect cam. It has been deployed on Salon du Bourget 2013.


Born To Be Alive

Born to Be Alive is an online serious game giving a better understanding of baby delivery know more.


All Eyes

All eyes is about vision simulation. The background of the game is « animals in Paris » and the only way to succeed is to use the different animal vision advantages. All eyes will focus on shader technology for realistic vision rendering, dealing with specificities as field of view, infrared capacity, etc. The project is initiated by  Current. Read the article from CNET. All Eyes has been deployed at Futur en Seine 2013 and is accessible on the internet.


My Mwoo

My Woo is a web site where you can visually configure an art toy – designed by the French designer agency At once. Selecting and coloring different parts or your art toys is possible in a funny and entertaining interactive environment. Once you’ve designed the Mwoo of your dreams, just click on the 3Dprint button, select the size and receive the real object, thanks to the Sculpteo 3D printing services.  This application is showcased at the the Futur en Seine festival. More pictures and videos.



Providing development and consulting for EDF R&D. The EDF Group’s aim is to spearhead the challenge of digital simulation across the board, a key factor in achieving higher levels of performance in diverse and complex business activities in which the stakes are very high, at the highest global level. Octarina is providing consulting services for new interaction devices and developed specific manipulators for 3D interactive simulations.


Paddle boat

The Da vinci’s paddle boat experience was made for the National Museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo da Vinci” that was exhibiting in Milan. This application highlights the famous paddleboat, allowing user to click and move to understand the ingenious mecanism. This online application uses specific visual FX as bloom effects, sketch rendering and depth of field.


French Consulate

This experience is an online visit of the French consulate in New York. This walkthrough experience lets you discover this beautiful place built in 1926. During your visit you can click on icones to know more about the history of the building.


Interactive Driving

This offline experience was designed for experiencing the new Range Rover Evoque.  First, use the interactive cam to experience the shape and interiors of the car with realistic effect in different environments. Next, use your joypad to drive it in a variety of settings and see how the car reacts.


Staying Alive

Staying alive is a healthcare-based serious game: In a virtual 3D world, anyone can train and practice the potentially lifesaving techniques. Healthcare professionals, as well as the public, can visualize and train to administer first aid, in a collaborative 3D environment using the Web. They can evaluate their results, and even have training sessions with friends, thanks to a Facebook custom application. This experience is aimed at helping to reduce the number of deaths related to cardiac arrest which kills more than 250,000 and 40,000 people each year in the United States and France, respectively. Read some articles in French or English. You can also test it!


Proof of concept – Character

This application is one of our tests for character animations, pathfinding and cameras management. The character is a sample from Rocket Box HD library. As this application has not been optimized for web experience, please be patient if you experience it.


The Mystery Box

Octarina is a brand-new structure and has various works in progress.  As they are confidential and not yet released to the public, it is not possible to fully communicate about them. Suffice it to say that the upcoming projects deal with new devices and other domains as innovation consulting for Fortune 500 and asset management companies.